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The Heartsaver for K-12 Schools eCard is the digital version of the Heartsaver for K-12 Schools printed course completion card. It is a valid, more secure, and preferred alternative to the printed card. Heartsaver for K-12 Schools eCards should be issued to students and school faculty who successfully complete Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED, Heartsaver CPR AED, or Heartsaver First Aid courses in K-12 schools. 

  • The Heartsaver for K-12 Schools eCard features the AHA Heart & Torch logo, a green mortarboard watermark, and the card name printed in green
  • Language on the card specifies the card audience of K-12 school systems
  • eCards are issued by AHA Training Center Coordinators and Instructors to students who successfully complete all requirements of an AHA course
  • Convenient for students and schools; students receive an email to claim cards online and employers can validate course training at


HeartSaver K-12 School Ecards

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